Konami reveals Money Trails performance and highlights 4K tech

08 August, 2019 by Andy Young

A Konami representative has claimed “great feedback” for All Aboard amid strong performance for the title during the last 12 months.

The brand also confirmed it will be exhibiting a range of new game series as well as extending All Aboard and All Aboard The Lucky Link with new titles.


An important highlight for the brand at the AGE this year will be the amount of games available on both the Concerto and Concerto Stack cabinet, for example Prize Drop, but also the games developed specifically for the Concerto Stack cabinet such as Money Trails and Lian Lian Fa.

Money Trails has also landed in the market and the brand revealed “it has consistently performed twice the floor average since initial launch, emphasising the current marketing trend towards Asian theme games and the flexibility for players to select their preferred denomination with high Bonus Prizes.”

Konami have also pointed to another key trend in the market towards tall and high resolution cabinets and games. Players will be able to experience this with the latest series Lian Lian Fa, Konami’s first 4K games on the Concerto Stack cabinet, which has been optimised to create an enjoyable experience for the players.

“This year we will showcase a range of new innovative products based on market demands to entertain your players and provide opportunities for gaming floors,” says a Konami spokesperson.

Konami National Sales Manager David Punter says: “Prize Drop is one of these that allows players to collect bonuses and free games in a very simple way when in the features. Based off the success of All Aboard we will showcase Lian Lian Fa – 4 x 5 Reel version featuring a similar repeat win feature as All Aboard allowing players to experience greater numbers of the repeating feature.”