Sullivans Cove to release Single Cask Brandy

10 April, 2018 by Andy Young

Sullivans Cove Distillery has announced the launch of a limited-edition, single cask, Tasmanian brandy – Sullivans Cove XO.

The brandy has been created as a partnership between Sullivans Cove and wines from Tasmania’s Huon Valley region, with a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer and Chardonnay being used. These wines have been distilled using the same techniques that the distillery uses to create its award-winning single-malt whiskies and are then aged in either French or American Oak barrels.


The first release of Sullivans Cove XO – cask TDB0040 – was matured in a 300L American Oak ex-tawny (Australian port-style fortified wine) barrel for nine years and is being released at 47.6 per cent ABV.

Head Distiller Patrick Maguire, said that when he was given the opportunity to make brandy, he did not have to think twice.

“After years of distilling whisky, the opportunity to work with quality Tasmanian wine was really exciting for us,” he said. “We’ve waited a long time to see the results, and we couldn’t be happier with the quality and complexity of these brandies.”

Managing Director Adam Sable added that the brandy is a result of a distillation process that was carried out a decade ago, and that it has been worth the wait.

“Our team are so happy with the results of our brandies and are thrilled to share them with our supporters” Sable said.

“Only a small number of barrels were produced about ten years ago and no brandy has been made since. Once these are sold out, they are gone forever.”

While the initial launch will be of the XO Single Cask, there will be an XO Double Cask launched later this year and Sullivans Cove’s Production Manager, Heather Tillott said that she believes the brandies will appeal to fans of the distillery’s single malt.

“While our still was designed for whisky production, and we’re renowned for producing some of the world’s best malts, stylistically it has more in common with a brandy still than a traditional Scotch-style still,” she said.

“Our brandies will strike a chord with single malt drinkers due to their intense depth, rich complexity and balanced elegance, which is exactly what our supporters expect from us.”

Bottles of the XO Single Cask will initially be made available to members of Sullivans Cove’s mailing list before release to the public, with a small number being kept for sale at the distillery’s cellar door in Tasmania.