How to Leverage Premium Tequila on World Margarita Day

19 February, 2019 by Damon Apter

World Margarita Day is this Friday, 22 February, creating the perfect opportunity to leverage premium Tequila in your venue.

The agave spirits category in Australia is in significant growth, particularly in the 100 per cent agave Tequila space with Jose Cuervo Tradicional and the 1800 Tequila range going from strength to strength.


According to Proximo Australia’s Tequila Specialist, Hayley Dixon, while there is still some work to be done on educating Australian consumers around the nuances of Tequila, she has witnessed a dramatic change in perceptions of the category.

“I have noticed a huge shift away from the idea that Tequila can only be consumed in shots,” she explains. “People are moving toward sipping premium Tequilas in tasting glasses – the same way they do with whisky – as well as mixing it into cocktails. And the growth we have seen at Jose Cuervo in our premium ranges definitely reflects this shift.”

She goes on to explain that the trend toward premium tequila means that venues are needing to educate their staff to keep up with the consumer demand for knowledge over the bar. As such, the requests for trade masterclasses on premium and 100 per cent agave Tequila are increasing – including those for 1800 Tequila, Gran Centenario, and Jose Cuervo Tradicional.

“Bartenders are excited to learn more about tequila because there hasn’t been a focus on the spirit for so long,” she says.

While Dixon runs traditional Tequila Masterclasses, she has also been teaming up with venues to create unique events as well.

“We have been collaborating with local chocolatiers and venues for Tequila & Chocolate pairing events, which have had incredible consumer and trade feedback,” she says. “So, expect to see many more unique masterclasses from Jose Cuervo this year.”

To book a training for your staff or to work with Jose Cuervo on a unique consumer experience, get in contact with your local Proximo representative.

Try a modern twist on a Margarita this World Margarita Day, with this recipe from Hayley Dixon:




40ml Gran Centenario Plata
15ml Triple Sec
10ml Lychee Syrup*
15ml Acid Blend**
Fresh fennel, finely sliced

Method: Place all ingredients in the soda syphon, and carbonate. Refrigerate for at least one hour if ingredients are not pre-chilled. Serve straight into coupe glass.
Garnish: A fennel frond.

*Lychee Syrup: fresh lychees blended with sugar, and strained through a coffee filter
**This is in place of lime juice: 1:1:2:0.2 blend, warm water : Malic Acid : Citric Acid : Succinic Acid