Welcome to our something special

17 April, 2020 by Andy Young

White Bay Beer Co is the first Brewery on the Balmain Peninsular. We have set up a business to support the local trade in Balmain with capacity for supplying greater Sydney. There are plans to take the brand national over the coming year.

White Bay Beer


We’re confident that with award-winning brewer Dennis De Boer heading up production we have the right beers and brand to cut through and find a place in peoples drinking repertoire over the coming months. Being aware of our local market and with feedback from local retail we have launched with two beers. Union Lager, a classic Euro-Style Lager, brewed for the working class drinker so we can convert them from International offerings to a local quality brewed example sitting at 4.7% abv.

White Bay Beer

The second is a sessionable Pale Ale in the “American Blonde” style at 4.5% abv for the drinker wanting to challenge the tastebuds but sit on a couple over an afternoon.

We’re confident we have a beer that can hit the market and gain fans with these two.

White Bay Beer

T. 0416 208 417