ILG steadies ship with new board voted in

22 October, 2018 by Craig Hawtin-Butcher

(pictured above, the new ILG Board – L-R: Douglas Dalley, Steven Speed, Kent Walker, Sergio Colosimo, Chris Grigoriou, Damien Bottero, Bobby McGhee, Shaughn Murphy, Peter Cox, Paul Esposito)

There was high drama on the Gold Coast this morning after a turbulent week for ILG and its board.


Four directors resigned their posts from the board membership this morning, while three nominees previously aiming to take directorships on the board also withdrew their nominations.

Chairman Chris Grigoriou was compelled by the NSW Supreme Court ruling last week to open the AGM at The Star Hotel on the Gold Coast to immediately resign his post. He then put himself forward for re-election, achieving it by a show of hands among members.

A motion to dissolve the entire board of directors by Mal Russell was withdrawn and was not voted on.

The resignations and withdrawals have also allowed Paul Esposito to retain his role as CEO while Damien Bottero, Kent Walker and Sergio Colosimo were duly voted to remain on the board. With Leigh David McCracken, David Mellor and Michael Thomas withdrawing their nominations, the remaining nominees successfully joined the board. These were Peter Cox, Douglas Dalley, Robert (Bobby) McGhee, Shaughn Murphy and Steven Speed.

In his opening address, CEO Paul Esposito admitted, “It’s been a really tough week, full of emotion and passion. So let’s be respectful, we’re in it together. Our job is to grow.”

Speaking to National Liquor News immediately after the vote, Chairman Chris Grigoriou said,

“I believe the wishes of the members have been done and decided in the right way. We can move forward with the directors who have come on board and focus on what ILG does best, supplying its members with great products, great prices and the highest service levels in the industry.”

Director Kent Walker, also speaking with National Liquor News, said: “There was a lot of passion over the last few weeks and this morning four of the directors offered their resignations and were accepted, which took a lot of heat out of the AGM.

“I certainly respect their decision and I’m pleased they resigned. I thank them for their time on the board.

“The one value ILG has always had is a family value and I don’t like families fighting, it’s against our ethics. I’m pleased the AGM went ahead without any disputes and I look forward to a successful year ahead for ILG,” said Walker.

It was also announced at the AGM a new induction course for directors would be launched.