National Liquor News: July issue online

10 July, 2019 by Craig Hawtin-Butcher

The July issue of National Liquor News has all the liquor retailing news.

On the cover this month we’ve got the latest launch from Gage Roads Brewing, The Atomic Beer Project, which is available in stores and venues now. The brewers gave punters a sneak peak of this new side-project at the recent GABS festivals across the east coast, with the new brand taking out Best in Show at GABS Brisbane. You can read all about The Atomic Beer Project on page 15.


Speaking of GABS, the festival broke attendance records in all states this year and National Liquor News was on the ground at the Sydney festival, you can find a few pics from it on page 49.

While we’re on the topic of beer, the Independent Brewers Association (IBA) has experienced a few staffing changes of late, with new board members being named and they are also on the hunt for a new CEO, you can read all about it on page 17. Also in this issue, IBA President Jamie Cook has written a column for us about how shoppers are trending towards independent beer. Turn to page 25 to read about how one in every 10 consumer dollars are being spent on indie beer.

You will have noticed within this month’s magazine there are Glenfiddich shelf wobblers included. With whisky being one of the most gifted liquor categories, ahead of Father’s Day, William Grant & Sons has launched new personalised Glenfiddich labels. The personalisation platform allows shoppers to purchase a bottle of Glenfiddich from any Australian liquor retailer and redeem online a personalised label – you can read all about it on page 10.

Occasion-based shopping is hugely important for every retailer and the ‘shopportunity’ presented by Father’s Day is no different. So this month National Liquor News looks at some of the key pointers retailers should remember and some of this year’s hot products for Father’s Day, beginning on page 28.

On the wine front, Andrew Graham discovers that South Australia is in a new wine era – one where Shiraz, Cabernet and Chardonnay are not the only answers, and where climate change is not the future, it’s now, which you can read all about beginning on page 32.

Over in New Zealand, yields are smaller than expected for vintage 2019, but the quality of fruit is being touted as exceptional, according to Natalie Grace, the Manager – Australia for New Zealand Winegrowers. You can read more about New Zealand’s vintage 2019 on page 27.

Climate change is a topic that we are going to look at in more detail over the next couple of months, so if you’ve noticed an impact in your region, then we’d love to hear from you.

This month, the National Liquor News tasting panel swished and swirled their way through a range of blended wines with Cabernet and Shiraz as the dominant grapes. They found lots of variation in body and style and overall, luscious, fleshy, ripe fruit was dominant. See which wines scored the highest beginning on page 44.

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