Bars and Clubs launches new Spotlight series

09 August, 2019 by Andy Young

Bars and Clubs has launched the first of its new Spotlight series which will shine a light on, and delve into key categories and trends in Australia’s bar industry.

The first Spotlight, which was published yesterday, focuses on Gin a booming category both from a supplier and bar perspective.


In his feature looking at ‘The Future of Gin: Where to From Here’, Kit Kriewaldt spoke to a number of Australian gin distilleries, asking whether so soon after gin’s dramatic resurgence, “have we already reached peak gin?”

The responses from likes of Brendan Carter at Applewood Distillery, Stu Gregor at Four Pillars and Ryan Hartshorn of Tasmania’s Hartshorn Distillery revealed a diverse category full of contradictions.

“I’m a firm believer that we’re reaching saturation point of local producers… along with consumers reaching a point of ‘gin-fatigue’. You know [a] category is flooding when ‘fruit gins’ start showing up,” Carter said, adding, “remember the vodka days?”

Meanwhile Gregor doesn’t believe gin fatigue has set in. “Not just yet – we are leading the spirits world in Australia for growth in both volume and value, and there are still many more great gins yet to be released I reckon,” he said.

You can read more on the future of gin, here.

Also featured in the Bars and Clubs spotlight is a Q&A with gin bar icon Mikey Enright. Enright talks about how he helps train his staff at a bar which stocks just over 700 gins and which gins he’s enjoying right now. See what Enright had to say here.

Enright also talked about some of the popular cocktails the team at The Barber Shop are serving right now and the recipe for Smoke & Bandages appears in the Spotlight as well. Also featured is the Bloody Jasmine cocktail, created for Four Pillars by Sam Ng.

Finally the Spotlight also shone on No.3 London Dry Gin, from Berry Bros & Rudd, which was recently named as the Supreme Champion Spirit at the International Spirits Challenge. It’s the first time a gin has won that honour and there’s comment from Lizzy Rudd Executive Chairperson at Berry Bros & Rudd, ISC Events Director, Justin Smith and the owner of the gin’s Australian distributor, Ben Baranow. Find out more about No.3 London Dry Gin here.

The Spotlight series will be a regular feature of the new digital-only Bars and Clubs and to get involved contact the title’s National Sales Manager, Andrea Diaz on 02 8586 6123 or