Bars and Clubs talks to America’s bartender of the year

21 August, 2019 by Andy Young

Bars and Clubs talked to American Bartender of the Year, Yael Vengroff about an exciting US club night that is coming to Australia.

Get ready for a night like no other! Iconic US dance party, A Club Called Rhonda is coming to Sydney, bringing its pansexual, hedonistic, everyone’s invited attitude to The Lansdowne Hotel on Saturday, 24 August.


Not only is the international party juggernaut on its way, but there is the double-bonus of enjoying a drinks list created by American Bartender of the Year, Yael Vengroff. As well as being the bar director at The Spare Room in the Roosevelt Hotel and Genghis Cohen, Vengroff is also the 2012 Speed Rack National Champion, 2013 Champion of West Coast Rematch and a 2017 National Finalist for Diego’s World Class.

We spoke to Vengroff about what we can look forward to with this amazing club night, the drinks list, what she is looking forward to about coming to Australia and the big cocktail trends in the US.

Speaking about what the decadence of A Club Called Rhonda really means, Vengroff told Bars and Clubs: “A Club Called Rhonda embodies the essence of freedom and inclusion, and how important music is to getting us there.

“It is at once a return to the past and a step into the future, embodying the uninhibited nature of party culture long gone while allowing us all a glimpse at what we could become if we all take a moment to just lose it a little.”

And if we’re all going to take that moment and lose it just a little, the drinks list is something we can look forward to, and while it’s not yet finalised, what Vengroff promises sounds like a perfect match for what the night promises.

“I’m going to showcase how my style of disco tropicalia cocktails translates into an aperitif,” she said “Effervescence, high acid, and zero pretention.

“I’m nearly there! I want to showcase what I do which is whimsical, playful, and surreal in philosophy while being bright, poppy, and layered on the tongue. I love pretty shit that tastes good that toys with the senses; drinks that make you do a double take.”

And asked how she’ll put everything that A Club Call Rhonda stands for into a glass, Vengroff told Bars and Clubs: “Edible Glitter & Light up Glow Cubes. Duh.”

Duh, indeed. To find out what Vengroff thinks makes the perfect recovery drink, the trends happening in the US right now that could be heading to Australia and what she is looking forward to head to the Bars and Clubs website.