Brewers seek Government survival package

20 March, 2020 by Andy Young

Pete Philip, the Chair of the Independent Brewers Association (IBA), said he has written to the Prime Minister, Treasurer and other politicians requesting meetings to discuss a survival package for independent breweries due to COVID-19.

The letter, which you can download here and send to your local MP, asks for short-term excise relief, emergency funding and other measures to help the independent brewing sector survive the pandemic.


“I’m hopeful that with the excellent work that our Advocacy Project Group have been doing in Canberra that we will get a good hearing of our message,” Philip said.

“In the meantime, everyone should be implementing enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols while your taprooms are still open so that customers can see that we are treating this crisis seriously. It is vital for the business to have contingency plans in place in case multiple staff are forced into isolation.”

The IBA also has other advice for members through its COVID-19 resource page.