BWS research highlights changing consumer habits

06 January, 2020 by Andy Young

BWS has said it plans to call out ‘lifestyle products’ including low and no alcohol or sugar, low carb, organic, vegan, gluten free, preservative free, after finding consumers are increasingly making lifestyle-led choices when it comes to drinking.

The retailer says it has expanded its range of these product types and has updated its point of sale elements in store to highlight the products and make it easier for customers to navigate them in store.


Vanessa Rowed, Head of Marketing at BWS said: “Australian lifestyles are evolving, and as our customer’s tastes and choices change, so does our range. In the last five years there has been a distinct move towards low and no alcohol drinks and so, in that time, we have sourced different products to meet this need.

“But we haven’t stopped there. With many Aussies enjoying vegan, gluten free, low sugar and even organic lifestyles we’ve stepped up our game there too.”

BWS’ research found that 57 per cent of Australians are considering changes in their consumption because of reduced socialising and weight loss. The research also found that one in five Australians are looking at the nutrition/allergen/ABV labels when purchasing alcohol.

While the research does suggest a more considered approach to drinking, one surprising finding is that 69 per cent of Australians have no desire to drink less than they do currently, with 23 per cent more likely to consider low alcohol, gluten-free or ‘mid-strength’ options in the long-term, compared to 22 per cent who would consider abstaining completely, should they consider changing how they consume alcohol.