CUB credits beer kegs

03 April, 2020 by Andy Young

Carlton and United Breweries is crediting customers for full beer kegs, left unsold as a result of the Government lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Australia.

Last Monday licensed venues across Australia closed their doors, with fears the lockdown could go on for another six months, but CUB has said it will credit full kegs to help ease the financial burden on venues.


A CUB spokesperson told TheShout: “On Friday, we told customers we’d provide them with credits on full CUB kegs.

“We also told them we’d provide credit for any tank beer they have.

“We’ve been in business with some of these venues for 150 years. And we want to be in business with all our customers for another 150 years and beyond. They can count on our ongoing support and partnership as we work together to rebuild the on-premise trade.

“We will have more announcements soon about how we’re helping the on-premise trade through this period.”

For more information, on-prem customers should contact their BDE or call 13 BEER.

Lion has also said it will buy back unused kegs.