Get involved in the Aussie Spirit Auction

18 December, 2019 by Andy Young

A number of Australian distillers have joined forces to kick-off the Aussie Spirit Auction, which is aiming to do something significant to help those affected by the devastating bushfires and drought in NSW, QLD, VIC and SA.

While the auction planning is still in its initial phase the idea is for Aussie distillers, or anyone involved in this industry to donate a bottle, an experience, whatever they can for a live auction which is likely to take place on 28 February 2020. One-hundred per cent of the proceeds from the auction will go to Rural Aid, who supply crucial financial assistance, water and counselling to farmers in times of drought and fire.


The original idea for this fundraiser came from Craig at Craft Works Distillery. David Pearse from 5Nines Distilling jumped on board to lead a team of volunteers including Amy at Wright Event, Robbie from Round Oak Barrel ( whose family’s house and winery was directly affected by the Black Saturday bushfires), craft spirits fan David T and Sarah from DrinkMelbourne.

Pearse told TheShout that at this stage the team is looking for donations, including sponsorship.

“We’re looking for all sorts of donations,” Pearse said. “At the moment we’re mainly covering the distillers and we currently have more than 50 on-board, with some unique bottles and special releases.

“Bill Lark has given us a bottle out of his museum stock, which was one of the first bottles distilled by his daughter.”

He added: “Other distilleries are donating tasting experiences, or distillery experiences such as be a distiller for a day – things like that. Some really unique experiences and spirits that are tied to the Australian spirits industry.”

Pearse said that while the auction is about linking Australia’s distilleries to the land and helping rural communities, the group are welcoming discussions from people, venues and organisations that would like to get on board and help with the auction.

“What we’re hoping is that we can run a big charity auction in Sydney in February, so we are going to need a venue. It would be great if we could get sponsors who might be able to help us pay for necessities like logistics, delivery and spreading the word.

“This auction is about the little guy helping other little guys – that’s our idea of the Aussie spirit. We also want to show some love for the craft spirits scene along the way.”

The auction is scheduled for 28 February 2020, with the hope to run a ticketed charity event with a number of high-profile distillers in attendance as well as a wide range of unique bottles and experiences. Anyone looking to get involved with time, money, bottles or a venue should contact David at