How Instagram can boost your venue

22 November, 2019 by Brydie Allen

Bars and Clubs journalist Brydie Allen followed up on a presentation at the recent Drinks Innovation Summit to see how venues across Australia can make Instagram work for them, here’s what she discovered.

Around nine million Australians actively use Instagram per month. It is one of the most popular social media apps, currently beating Facebook in the local app store leader board.


There’s a whole demographic of consumers that have several touch points with Instagram throughout the day, for several reasons, and more and more lately consumers are using the platform to engage with venues, products and brands. It’s happening through the accounts of the business themselves, but also from the general public sharing their experiences with each other.

At the recent Drinks Innovation Summit, Instagrammability was identified as a factor that is increasingly driving consumer behaviour in the drinks world. People want to drink pretty things in pretty places and then post pretty pictures.

Claire Stevens, director of Crunchy Social, said bars can capitalise on this consumer desire through posting on Instagram themselves, and encouraging customers to as well.

“Instagram is a highly visual platform so here is where venues can shine if they put effort into the branding, interior design and menu,” Stevens said. “Clear and consistent images of drinks, location and people help to add to the luxury aesthetic and can make people want to share posts with their friends and organise a time to visit.”

Having the Instagram factor and becoming what Stevens calls a “bucket list worthy” venue drives online interest that can translate into a popular reality.

One bar that knows the potential of this is Brisbane’s Tinsel Bar, from creative craft genius Rachel Burke. Lining the walls and roof of the space are fringes of glittering metallic multi-coloured tinsel, with a matching menu that is just as fun.

It’s been widely called Brisbane’s most Instagrammable bar, which was something Burke set out to do in the first place. Her previous work was predominantly in wearable art and installations using tinsel (including creating shimmery jackets for the likes of Kesha), with the idea for a bar striking her as another way to use the material.

“I just got thinking as to how cool it would be for people to have a chance to party in tinsel splendour all night long!” Burke said.

“Then, the more I thought about it, the more I realised that in Brisbane there aren’t many ‘Instagrammable venues’ and so I thought it would be cool to create one… I knew that by making the bar visually striking, really giving it that WOW factor, we would immediately give the bar a presence on the scene.”

For more about making Instagram work for you and your venue, head to the Bars and Clubs website.