Liquor & Gaming NSW launches its Strategic Plan

29 November, 2017 by Andy Young

Liquor & Gaming NSW has launched its 2017-2019 Strategic Plan, which outlines its purpose, goals and vision for the future.

The development of the goals and strategies has seen stakeholders from various sectors including industry, community and government assisting in guiding the strategic approach.


Liquor & Gaming NSW said: “The Strategic Plan articulates our goals, direction and approach, and supports the NSW Department of Industry Corporate Plan 2015-2019 and aligns with the Premier’s and Government Priorities.”

The five priority goals that Liquor & Gaming NSW published are:

  1. We put the customer first and deliver efficient licensing services that are risk-based and commercially aware.
  2. We ensure intelligence-led and risk-based industry oversight that minimises burden without compromising regulatory objectives.
  3. We provide policy leadership that balances responsible industry development with harm minimisation.
  4. We maximise transparency and stakeholder participation in liquor and gaming regulation and encourage compliant and responsible industry.
  5. We develop staff that are capable, collaborative and empowered to deliver.”

The Board has also published its regulatory priorities for the year ahead, which are developed and reviewed in consultation with key stakeholders in the community and the liquor and gaming industries.

Liquor and Gaming NSW added: “Year round, there are fundamental enduring priorities that remain a constant focus for L&GNSW. In addition to this, we have scheduled our focus by identifying our key regulatory priorities for the 2017-2018 period.”

The priorities for this period are:


  • Priority 1: Targeted oversight of higher risk venues, precincts, displacement areas and regional locations
  • Priority 2: Addressing compliance in emerging and at-risk business models
  • Priority 3: High risk indicators within the packaged liquor sector including online and delivery

Gaming and wagering

  • Priority 4: Gambling-related advertising and inducements
  • Priority 5: Sports betting integrity arrangements
  • Priority 6: Gaming machine integrity and custody arrangements


  • Priority 7: Ensuring clubs are effectively governed


  • Priority 8: International rebate play / junkets / Anti-money laundering
  • Priority 9: Internal controls and systems integrity and revenue assurance.