Matso’s brings lower sugar alternative to ginger beer segment

01 March, 2021 by Andy Young

Alcoholic ginger beer is now the fourth largest segment of craft beer in Australia, growing twice as fast as the total beer category, with Matso’s now Australia’s biggest independent alcoholic ginger beer brand.

One slight issue for the alcoholic ginger beer segment is the high sugar content of many drinks, and recent research has shown that around 50 per cent of Australians believe there is too much added sugar in packaged food and drinks.


Now Matso’s has looking to offer consumers an option that it hopes will help the alcoholic ginger beer segment continue on its strong growth trajectory with the launch of Matso’s Lower Sugar Ginger Beer.

The new beer offers 50 per cent less sugar than leading alcoholic ginger beers and also contains no artificial preservatives or sweeteners, is vegan friendly, low gluten and at four per cent ABV, it’s a little stronger than the original.

Matso’s brand lead James Purcell says Matso’s is committed to offering a range of products for those seeking more balanced choices.

“At Matso’s, we believe you can have it all,” Purcell said. “That’s why we created a version of our much-loved ginger beer for those moments when you want a lower sugar alternative.

“Matso’s Lower Sugar Ginger Beer still brings that extraordinary flavour of our original, but with half the sugar. We’re proud that we’ve been able to deliver something so refreshing and flavoursome with less sugar, and less guilt.”

He added: “We know people want choice and at Matso’s we’re proud to deliver that through our entire range including Matso’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer, Matso’s Lower Sugar Alcoholic Ginger Beer, Matso’s Hard Flavours and more.

“We will continue to be a leader in products that deliver greater choice and flexibility to consumers, especially within growing sectors of the alcohol market.”

Matso’s Lower Sugar Alcoholic Ginger Beer is available nationally at bottle shops and bars across the country, at $28.99 RRP per six-pack.