Merivale launches The Bottle Shop online

08 July, 2019 by Andy Young

Merivale has launched an online store attributed to its The Bottle Shop stores with an offering of beer, wine and spirits selected by the group’s Master Sommeliers.

As with Merivale’s CBD store on Palings Lane the online bottle shop gives consumers the opportunity to by any wine they have tried at any of Merivale’s venues. Merivale said that the vision for the online store is “to create an entirely new online wine experience and offering that is approachable, fun and interactive, taking the ‘stuffiness’ out of wine selection.


One of The Bottle Shop’s offerings is a subscription bundle of monthly drops with a range of price brackets and pack sizes available, the packs are also available as one-off purchases.

Merivale’s Master Sommeliers Franck Moreau MS and Adrian Filiuta MS have curated the range and have worked with the whole Merivale sommelier team to compile a diverse selection of wines.

Moreau said: “We believe that life is too short to drink anything but the best drops. So now, if you’ve been to a Merivale restaurant and enjoyed a bottle of wine, you can order the same bottle online and reminisce on great memories in the comfort of your own home.”

The online store also aims help purchasers have confidence in their selections with occasion-based labelling on wines such as ‘Party Starters”, ‘Point Scorers’ and ‘Dinner at Yours’.