Nant now available through Spirits Platform

17 December, 2018 by Andy Young

Spirits Platform has revealed that Nant Tasmanian Single Malt Highland Whisky has been added to its portfolio.

The agreement sees the full range of Nant whiskies available through Spirits Platform, including the Sherry, Bourbon and Port casks each bottled at 43 per cent ABV and the same casks bottled at 63 per cent ABV.


Speaking about the whisky Spirits Platform said: “Nant whisky is produced on the Historic Nant estate in the central highlands of Tasmania, 350m above sea level. Nant meaning ‘stream’ was the name given by the first Welsh settlers to both the Valley and the Estate. The style of whisky has similarities to Scottish whisky but follows a unique Tasmanian interpretation.

“While many of the processes are the same, it is the ingredients and location that sets Nant apart from the Scottish whisky heritage.”

The move is part of a major turnaround for the brand since Australian Whisky Holdings took control over the end of 2016 and early 2017. That transaction saw a bitter dispute develop between AWH and the previous owner of Nant, Keith Batt. In the end, AWH completed the acquisition in August 2017 and since then has gone about restoring the brand’s reputation, after it was damaged during the purchase.

Last month AWH announced it had signed a distribution deal with Proof and Company for the Lark, Overeem and Forty Spotted Gin brands.