New NSW RSA courses make it easier for interstate workers

04 September, 2019 by Andy Young

Liquor & Gaming NSW has launched new courses, which it says will make it quicker, easier and cheaper for interstate workers to join the NSW liquor industry.

The new courses mean that interstate workers with the relevant qualifications now only need to complete a bridging course in order to be qualified to work in NSW.


A spokesperson for Liquor and Gaming NSW said: “Qualified interstate workers only need to complete the new online NSW Responsible Service of Alcohol bridging course to gain a NSW RSA competency.

“The course takes only 90 minutes to complete and costs $85. It focuses on the NSW liquor laws, industry best practice and guidance on how to sell, serve and supply alcohol safely and responsibly in NSW.”

Who can take the course?

To be eligible to take the course, interstate workers must have:

  • a national RSA statement of attainment from Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia or Tasmania issued in the last five years, or
  • a RSA certificate or refresher certificate from Victoria or the Australian Capital Territory issued in the last three years.

Interstate workers looking to become licensees, approved managers or club secretaries in NSW can skip the bridging course and simply complete Licensee Training to gain NSW RSA and Licensee Training competencies.