Online liquor licence applications start today

01 March, 2019 by Andy Young

Liquor and Gaming NSW is working on making it easier to lodge liquor licence applications, by moving to online transactions.

Throughout 2019 the regulator is phasing out paper forms and is replacing them with online application forms.


From Friday 1 March, most new liquor licence applications forms will only be available online, including:

  • APP200 – Small Bar Licence
  • APP300 – Club Licence
  • APP400 – Full Hotel/General Bar
  • APP600 – On-Premises
  • APP700 – Packaged Liquor
  • APP800 – Producer/Wholesaler
  • APP500N – Limited Licence (Single-function)
  • APP520 – Limited Licence (Multi-function)
  • APP540 – Limited Licence (Special event)
  • APP541 – Limited licence – Special events – large scale commercial events
  • APP560 – Limited Licence (Trade fair)
  • APP900 – Approved manager approval

The regulator said: “This means you will be able to complete your liquor licence application online, eliminating the need to download, print and complete multiple documents. Applying online also saves you 10 per cent on your processing fee.”

Further forms will be transitioned from paper to online throughout the year.