SouthTrade launches Corazón Tequila in Australia

04 February, 2019 by Andy Young

SouthTrade International is continuing to build its craft spirits portfolio with the launch of Corazón Tequila in Australia.

The launch will see the tequila available through leading on and off premise outlets and includes Corazón’s three Premium Single Estate Tequilas (Blanco, Reposado and Añejo) and a limited edition Expresiones del Corazón range.


SouthTrade International Managing Director Ray Noble said: “Corazón is a traditional artisanal brand with a rich history as one of the oldest distilleries in Mexico. We are looking forward to the opportunities that Corazón will present in helping deliver continued retail growth in the tequila category and now offering its customers some of the best liquids available.

“Corazón’s award-winning tequila marries seamlessly with SouthTrade International’s vision to build a strong reputation of premium craft brands and innovators in the spirits market.”

The Expresiones range features tequila from the Casa San Matías distillery, where Corazón is crafted, which has then been aged in and finished in barrels from the Buffalo Trace distiller.

Speaking of the tequilas, Laura Pashby, Senior Brand Manager at SouthTrade International, said: “Corazón is made from 100 per cent Blue Weber Agave using traditional clay ovens. After the second distillation, oxygen is infused into Corazón Tequila -this process produces a sprit that is softer and more approachable, with an enhanced aroma and distinct flavours.

“We are confident that this taste profile will resonate strongly with both bartenders and consumers in Australia.”

She added: “Building on that great flavour profile, the owners at Sazerac are now innovating and injecting new interest into the tequila category by collaborating with their highly regarded and coveted whiskies through the Expresiones del Corazón range.

“This will be a yearly release of high-end tequilas, the Expresiones range are aged in the most limited barrels from Buffalo Trace Distillery. Expressions include Buffalo Trace Distillery Old 22 Añejo, Sazerac Rye Añejo and George T. Stagg Añejo. The barrels used create one-of-a-kind spirits, imparting characteristics that are different from every other tequila.”

Stuart Morrow from whisky bar The Baxter Inn said: “Corazón’s Expresiones take you on a phenomenal journey. A lot of consideration has gone into how each tequila is enhanced by spending time in ex-Bourbon barrels. They complement each other beautifully. It’s exciting to see an innovative spirit embracing the best of both worlds, Bourbon and Tequila.”

Corazón Tequila is available through leading on- and off-premise outlets, while the Expresiones del Corazón range of tequilas will be available through leading tequila and whisky bars.