Whisky Show a runaway success

23 July, 2012 by

By James Atkinson

With more than 1000 attendees, the Whisky Show held in Sydney on Friday and Saturday was the biggest ever whisky event held in Australia, the organisers say.


Held by specialist retailer World of Whisky at Tattersalls Club, the show featured more than 150 whiskies from around the world, including Australia.

It also included the first ever Australasian Whisky Awards, won by Old Hobart Distillery, and the Glenmorangie Whisky Cocktail Competition, won by Eau-De-Vie's Luke Redington. [continues below]

World of Whisky ambassador Dan Woolley told TheShout the show was "literally the biggest thing that's happened in Australia for whisky, ever".

"Somewhere between 1000 and 1100 people were served all up, and there were massive sales in bottles – an average of one out of every two people made a purchase," he said.

"Everything sold well, but the Australian whiskies sold phenomenally well. Most of the Australian whiskies completely sold out of most their stock."

"All of the suppliers, all of the distributors were very, very happy."

Woolley said he was pleasantly surprised at the demographic of attendees, who were aged anywhere between 18 and 70 and equally divided between male and female.

He said the event will be held again "same time next year – but it's going to be bigger".