Two week suspension for bar after minors served

08 November, 2018 by Andy Young

The Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority has ordered the 88 Pocha small in Sydney to shut for two weeks after it was caught serving beer and soju to a 17-year-old girl.

The venue’s licence has been suspended from 7 to 20 November for the offence, which was detected by NSW Police in December last year.


Liquor & Gaming NSW Director of Compliance Operations, Sean Goodchild, said serving alcohol to minors is one of the most serious offences under NSW liquor laws due to the high risks of harm.

“This case should serve as a reminder to all venues as we head into the busy festive season,” he said.

“Under the Minors Sanction Scheme, escalating penalties apply for selling alcohol to under 18s including liquor licence suspensions, cancellations and disqualifications.

“Licensed venues are advised to ask for age ID of any patrons who appear under the age of 25. Further information on underage drinking laws is available here.”

Police said that the attention of officers was drawn to a group of six people who were drinking at the Pitt Street venue, because of their youthful appearance.

When questioned by police, a staff member admitted the girl had not been asked for identification.

In suspending 88 Pocha’s liquor licence under the Minors Sanctions Scheme, the Authority also took into account the venue’s poor compliance history.

This included operating outside authorised trading hours, selling bottles of soju in contravention of its liquor licence and allowing intoxication.

NSW Police submitted that the licensee, Mr Gyeongmin Lee, had failed to put in place proper measures to ensure alcohol is served responsibly.