New Wahoo Premium Ale, craft brewed by those fussy bastards

01 January, 1970 by

Wahoo Premium Ale is as exciting and refreshing as the ocean itself. Specially brewed for the Australian Aquatic lifestyle, this sessionable Premium Ale is best served chilled on ice.

Wahoo Premium Ale is brewed by the fussy bastards who also brew Gage Roads IPA, PILS and Lager.

The beer is cold filtered and a snow white effervescent head alludes to the joys within. When poured into a glass a clean lemon lime aroma ventures. However most Wahoo don’t make it that far, and are chuffed straight from the bottle!

Munich and Vienna specialty malts present light and sweet on the palate, and the crisp imported US hops, Vanguard and Cascade, deliever a gentle citrus bitterness. Wahoo finishes clean and dry with no lingering aftertaste.

A beer that deosn’t take itself too seriously! Perfect for hot weather, the beach, or boat…

ABV 4.6%

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