The first bottle conditioned Pilsner in Australia

02 June, 2008 by

Unconventional Australian craft brewer, Murray’s Craft Brewing Co, has gone and done something unusual – even for them – and released Australia’s first bottle-conditioned Pilsner.

Made with classic German malts and using a traditional pilsner/lager process of cold fermentation and extended conditioning periods, Murray’s Pilsner is the only bottle-conditioned Pilsner brewed in Australia. This retains the freshness of the beer by eliminating oxidation. Murray’s Pilsner is an interpretation of pilsner made vaguely in the North German style. A Pilsner with flavour and aroma that has been enjoyed by the Germans for decades.

Murray’s Pilsner has only 4.8% alc/vol, and a pale straw colour with an almost meringue-like head. The intense citrusy aroma and flavour of this beer is delivered by the classic New Zealand motueka hop (formerly B Saaz), which is balanced by sweet biscuity malt, and finishes with a refreshing bitterness.

Murray’s Pilsner will be available nationally through leading retailers. RRP is $14.99 for a 4-pack of 330ml beer.

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