The Latest Technology in Outdoor Heating

27 April, 2009 by

A new heater is now available from Celmec International, the HeatRay IRH-E Series. Electrically powered, the Infra-Red heaters are available in a range of sizes, they provide instant heat and operate at running costs.

The IRH-E Series heaters can be controlled via motion sensors, making them ideal for smoking break out areas, or with remote controls for areas like alfresco dining or beer gardens.

The heat produced is similar to that of the sun. The units directly warm people and objects; they don’t waste energy trying to heat the surrounding air, making them ideal for the hospitality industry.

Waterproof and made from non-corrosive aluminium, the units are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor areas. The heating element in the units has a long life and produces a comfortable glow when switched on.

Other products available from Celmec include; wall / ceiling mounted radiant panels, gas-fired heaters and architectural umbrellas with integrated heating.